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  • Jensen FF At Book Launch

    Jensen Museum | James Bond | Solo

    James Bond Does Four-Wheel-Drive

    Ever since Brocolli and Saltzman gave James Bond the Aston Martin DB5, there has been the long running debate of the Aston Martin against Jensen FF. Both the DB5 and the Jensen FF were British built supercars, but certainly there was a strong argument for the Broccoli / Saltzman duo to have given James Bond […]

  • Jensen FF Fashion Icon

    Four-Wheel-Drive Icon At Cresta Run

    Jensen FF at the 125th Anniversary of the Crest Run. Of all the classic cars available to the rich and famous, who wouldn’t want to drive the four-wheel-drive Jensen FF to St.Moritz, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Crest Run. One man did exactly that. According to self-confessed Cresta Run addict, and well known […]


    French Connection | La Coupe Des Alpes

    Ludovic Parayre, owner of the renouned UK-based classic car dealers, LAP 63, and supporter of the Museum, champions the Jensen FF. French-born Parayre is the first to enter a four-wheel-drive Jensen FF in the 2016 endurance rally,  La Coupe Des Alpes. Parayre gives us a short diary of the event, which as he describes is […]


    Vintage Supercharged Jensen FF | Chassis 119/142

    Unique supercharged Jensen FF unveiled. Right at the edge of classic cars versus custom cars lies Jensen FF 119/142, here slowly disintegrating in a Solihull back-garden. The FF was acquired for its new owner by the Banbury-based company ‘Bavarez’. Restoration started back in 2011, and as work developed, the restoration took a turn towards customisation. […]


    Jensen Museum | Audi Museum

    Jensen FF | Audi Museum Exhibition

    Four-wheel-drive exhibition at the Audi Museum included the Jensen FF. The Audi Museum at Ingolstadt, Germany, mounted an exhibition examining the history of four-wheel-drive vehicles. Not surprisingly, the Jensen FF, along with Audi’s Quattro, had centre stage. The exhibition included prototypes, such as the pre-war Bugatti Type 53, and the post-war Cisitalia 360 racing car. […]


    Jensen Museum

    Racing Past The Ton | 20,000 Mile Jensen FF

    In 1990 Geoff Lye became the custodian of what was then; and possibly still is; the lowest mileage example of a Jensen FF known. The MK.II FF, 127/287, was originally purchased new by a Devon-based car collector. Ordered in metallic charcoal paint with red leather trim, the FF was little used by its owner, and […]