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Jensen Museum | Advertising


Profits from Sponsored Advertising are critical to The Jensen Museum’s Mission in general and vehicle conservation projects in particular.

During the course of the next 12 months The Museum is looking to establish several long-term Sponsorship Supporters through web-advertising and brand endorsement.

The Jensen Museum offers four, flexible advertising streams; two-tier licensing of The Museum’s logo-type, website banner adverts and website editorial features.


Rates are exclusive of VAT
1. Licensing The Museum logo-type Standard Endorsement
From £2.00 per day. Minimum term @ 12 months
2. Licensing The Museum logo-type Conservation Endorsement
From £4.00 per day. Minimum term @ 12 months
3. Museum website banner adverts
From £2.00 per day [Minimum 12 months]
4. Museum website Editorial Features
From £5.00 per day [Minimum term two month]

To find out more about Sponsored Advertising including our target-audience facts ‘n figures, please telephone The Museum or send an email to Elizabeth Follows: We look forward to working together.

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Sponsored Advertising Services

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