Jensen heritage for the next generation



Richard Calver’s Jensen Site  –

Calver is one of the leading authorities on the Jensen marque, his book, Jensen – The Chassis Data being a required publication for all serious researchers of the Jensen marque.

Jensen Owners’ Club  –

Club open for all Jensen vehicles. Founded 1971.

Jensen Owners’ Club of Holland  –

Club open for all Jensen vehicles.

Jensen Owners’ Club Switzerland  –

Club open for all Jensen vehicles. Founded 1984.



Longmynd Service Station  –

Shropshire 01694 722626

A family business established in 1968. Specialising in all mechanical work and body restoration. The company has the contract to look after all the Museum vehicles.

Rejen Sales  –

Hampshire 01962-779556

Jensen marque specialist company specialising in parts, trimming & restoration. Rejen Sales work closely with the Museum, and believe in the conservation and heritage of the marque.

Classic Friendly  –

Nationwide network of garages offering vehicle safety inspections for classic cars not requiring an MOT.

Longstone Classic Tyres  –

Yorkshire 01302-711123

Specialist tyre company for vintage and classic cars.

Classicar Automotive  –

Cheshire 01625-860910

Cheshire-based brake specialists, undertaking reconditioning and remanufacturing of brake callipers and servo units.