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Acquisitions Policy

Acquisitions of Objects for the Collection

This policy outlines the principles the Jensen Museum uses when objects are acquired for their collection.

1. Purpose of Acquisitions

The Jensen Museum is commited to improving the collection.

Acquisitions are made in order to:

maintain and improve the Museum’s collection

generate public interest in the past and present;

create new audiences and inform, entertain and inspire the existing audience in new ways; and

generate public understanding of the West Midlands company, Jensen Motors.

2. The Collection

The Museum’s Collection comprises of three main areas

Vehicles manufactured by the firm of Jensen Motors.

Artifacts relating to Jensen Motors

Archive documentation

3. Acquisition Principles

Objects will only be acquired for the Museum’s collection if:

they are legally available for acquisition and

there is no reasonable cause to believe they were wrongfully taken from a lawful owner

Objects will not be bought for the Collection unless full funding has first been secured and the purchase price represents value for money.

Objects are normally acquired only after the costs of acquisition, conservation, storage and display have been taken into consideration.

Gifts into the Collection are not generally accepted when conditions which are unreasonable or unduly onerous have been applied i.e. restrictions on placing such items into the public domain.

The transferor of an object acquired for the Collection will normally be expected to also supply all records and other contextual information about it.

The transferor of an object acquired for the Collection will normally be expected to also supply an assignment of subsisting intellectual property rights in it or the rights holder’s licence to reproduce the object for the Museum’s general purposes.

As the Museum holds and intends to acquire archives, including photographs, digital images and printed ephemera, it will be guided by the Code of Practice on Archives for Museums and Galleries in the United Kingdom (third edition, 2002).

Acquisitions outside this policy will only be made in very exceptional circumstances.

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Acquisitions Policy

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