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Intellectual Property Rights Policy

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The Jensen Museum is home to a rich and diverse archive – an inspirational resource for visionary individuals and organisations across the globe.

The Museum owns, generates and exploits a range of Intellectual Property from its Collection including the Museum’s logo-type, and archive photographs.

Considered exploitation and protection of The Museum’s IPR assets is essential to The Museum’s sustainability: profits made from licensing content from The Museum archive, enable The Museum to provide numerous free- and subsidised services. Licensing the rights to the logo-type raises awareness and in turn, reinforces The Museums’ brand vision.*

The Museum is the legal entity which owns and manages The Museum’s Intellectual Property Rights. The Museum creates IPR content as part of its mission. The Museum’s copyright and licensing procedures conform to Industry Standards and are regularly reviewed.

The Museum is responsible for Administering and communicating IPR policy and procedures, maintaining compliance with IPR legislation, promoting best-practice IPR management and use.


This Policy is intended to;

1-inform the public how The Museum complies with IPR legislation

2-raise awareness of The Museum’s IPR revenue potential

3-disclose The Museum’s IPR responsibilities and obligations

4-Minimise third party IPR infringement [IPR owned by The Museum]

5-Minimise Museum IPR infringement [IPR owned by others]



Intellectual Property Rights [IPRs] are a group of legal rights relating to ‘intangible’ property. The IPRs most relevant to The Jensen Museum are:

Copyright is the exclusive legal right to control reproduction of certain specified categories of creative work [for example photographs,] for a given period of time.

Trade mark is a word, name, symbol or device used to identify and distinguish the source of goods or services.

Logo A logotype, commonly referred to as a ‘logo,’ is a visual  symbol and/or series of letters comprising a name created for an organisation, product or service.


Our Commitment

Commitment to IPR is critical to The Museum’s sustainability and Mission. In particular, The Museum actively seeks to ;

Ensure best practice for its IPR obligations and responsibilities;

Drive and promote best practice IPR administration;

Deliver subsidised and/or free access to its IPR assets for educational and non-commercial use;

Protect and enhance the commercial value of its IPR, in support of its mission;

Provide the highest quality IPR content, including published research, definitive photography of items in its collection and authoritative captioning;

Exploit its IPR assets to raise income and develop brand identity;

Acquire IPR licences from third party sources

Endorse third party products, services and events.


Sharing Information

The Museum encourages positive, non-commercial use of content from its website and selected content from its Archive. Content from The Museum website may be downloaded and distributed without permission from The Museum subject to the following conditions:


2-distributed for non-commercial, positive use

3-the Museum credited as follows: © The Jensen Museum.

Content Contributors

IPR provisions are written into Museum contracts with volunteers,  employed, and freelance staff, and Museum procedures for the acquisition and commissioning of works for the Museum collections.

The Museum commissions and contracts from contributors to The Museum website, for example, editorial content, photography, plus books and other paper products.

Information created by – and supplied to- The Museum for distribution  including content  supplied by freelance contributors  [writing, photographs, videos, slides and electronic data], are unless otherwise agreed in writing Public Records [Public Records Acts of 1958 and 1967]. As such the content belongs to The Museum and The Museum owns the  copyright.

Where the boundaries of copyright ownership are not clear, the onus is upon the content-supplier to confirm with The Museum any Rights they wish to reserve.



The Museums’ Take-Down Policy is subject to receipt of evidence [proof of copyright breach], and applies to all materials published and distributed by The Museum.

If you believe The Jensen Museum may be in breach of copyright and/or any other IPR laws please contact us by email and posted letter outlining your concerns. We will acknowledge receipt of your request within 5 working days.


*To find out more about licensing the rights to use The Museum logo and/or content from our Archive, please contact us).


The Jensen Museum

Intellectual Property Rights Policy

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