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Conservation Policy

Our Duty To Conservation

Environment and Preventive Conservation

1-The environmental conditions specified by the Jensen Museum comply with the PAS 198 Guidelines and
national and international agreements or guidelines.

2-Collection items will be housed in accordance with acceptable display / storage conditions for the material.

3-All materials used in association or close proximity with the collections must be an appropriate
standard to prevent damage or deterioration to them.

4-The collection will be displayed using a combination of natural and artificial light. Whenever possible the collection will be shielded from both light types.

5-The Jensen Museum categorises its collection according to their sensitivity to light and light levels.
Dosages will be minimised to manage the rate of irreversible fade/change.

6-No unnecessary radiation (such as ultra-violet) other than visible light should fall on objects
during normal display and storage.

7-The risk to collections from dust will be managed through good housekeeping, filtration of
circulated air and display / storage design.

8-The Museum accepts that there could be a level of pest presence within the buildings; this will be
managed through good housekeeping and in accordance with the Integrated Pest Management Policy, 2005.

Interventive Conservation

1-Interventive or remedial treatment is undertaken to
stabilise the collection, to enhance intellectual access and accuracy and to improve their visual appearance.

2-Treatments are intended to prolong and extend the useable lifetimes of the
collections in accordance with the international ethical guidelines.

3-Treatments will take into account the purpose for which the object is to be used.

The Jensen Museum

Conservation Policy

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