Jensen heritage for the next generation

Mission Statement



Mission StatementHistory & Background

Ulric Woodhams purchased his first Jensen in 1976. Fast forwarding to 2003, he had  established a Museum and Archive dedicated to the Jensen FF Model. In this format, The Museum was unsustainable – its focus was too narrow and it lacked governance.

Today, while continuing to remain privately owned, The Jensen Museum is underpinned by a more strategic approach.

It has a Mission and Vision. It is on-line ‘visitor focused. It readily adapts to change, and as its revised identity conveys, embraces all Jensen Models . The Museum is currently evaluating a Board of Trustees and looking to achieve Archive Accreditation.


The Jensen Museum Collection

Until recently The Museum focused solely on the Jensen FF Model. This Collection, albeit small, is both nationally and internationally significant. It is also unique. While the Jensen FF model remains central to The Museum, we are now broadening The Collection to encompass other Jensen Models, which underpin the rich heritage of Jensen Motors.

Today, the collection hosts key examples of most post-war Jensen cars, from early Interceptor, to 541, through to CV8, Interceptors and FFs, Jensen Healey, and Jensen GT.

Mission Statement

The Jensen Museum exists to preserve the Jensen Marque for the next generation. The scope of the Museum’s mission-related activities include commitments to information-sharing, education, conservation, design, engineering and social history.

In the medium term we are looking to add historical video content to the website, and for the future we are looking for funding to bring virtual exhibitions to the website, where  elements of the collection can be viewed in a 3D context.

Vision Statement

The Museum proposes to build credibility, encourage learning, exploit its assets, develop – and maintain its position as a World-Class resource for its subject through its website.

Jensen Heritage For The Next Generation