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Overview | The Jensen Collection

The Jensen Museum is home to the largest number of Jensen FF vehicles in the world. The Museum also cares for a number of other Jensen Models, with each vehicle in The Collection being notable for its historical importance and/or provenance.

The Jensen Museum’s loan policy is one of five key income streams enabling the museum to maintain sustainability. The Museum is committed to providing access to selected Vehicles in its Collection through its Loan Policy. Loan requests must meet at least four of the following Museum Loan Objectives:

Loan Objectives

• Raise the Jensen Museum’s public profile.
• Promote the Museum’s heritage-led commitment
• Broaden access to the Museum in new ways
• Reach new audiences
• Promote a wider understanding of the Jensen marque
• Promote a wider understanding of the Jensen FF model
• Celebrate engineering history and innovation
• Celebrate design history
• Promote, celebrate, raise awareness of British automotive history

Who Can Borrow
Loan requests will be welcomed from the following bodies:

• museums and galleries
• educational institutions
• public and charitable bodies
• commercial organisations
The Museum’s Loan Policy is not available to private individuals.
Prospective borrowers should clearly show how the loan of a requested item would meet our objectives

Types of Loan Arrangements

The Jensen museum is particularly interested to consider loan requests for exhibition proposals with distinctive educational- and academic focus.
The Museum is pleased to consider loans for exhibitions taking place outside the United Kingdom.
The Museum prefers not to loan to touring exhibitions encompassing more than 3 venues, and/or exceeding a 12 month term.


The term for a given loan is generally limited to 12 months. The Museum is however pleased to consider ‘long term’ loans.

How Is a Loan Agreed

Loans are formally agreed by The Museum subject to prospective borrowers demonstrating:
• the loan meets at least four of The Museum’s Loan objectives
• the loaned properties will fit into the context of the exhibition
• the exhibition proposal is strategic
• the proposed venue meets The Museum’s environmental and security conditions
• the condition of the proposed loaned work is fit to lend


The Museum charges a loan fee. Fees are loan-specific, payable in advance, and must cover the costs of materials used in the preparation of loan items. Borrowers are also required to meet the following loan-related costs:

• transport
• insurance
• courier costs, where required (see Couriers below)
• packing materials, for the safe transport of the work
• Staff costs


A Museum volunteer of member may be required to travel as a courier with loaned items, to oversee transport and handling:
• if an item is fragile or requires special handling or installation
• if a journey is particularly long, or with unknown transport agents
• if an object is of extreme rarity or high value.

Borrower’s must pay all courier expenses, including appropriate travel, accommodation and subsistence costs (see What Will a Loan Cost? above).

How to Borrow

Prospective borrowers are invited to telephone to make discuss proposed loans. Formal Loan requests, particularly those for touring exhibitions and/or specific vehicles, should be received as far in advance as possible, and no less than six months before the proposed venue ‘open date.’


Loan requests should refer to specific items held in The Museum’s Collections Information about exhibition venues should be included (preferably by means of a standard Facilities Report), along with exhibition opening- and closing dates. In the case of touring exhibitions, all venues and dates should be listed along with the name of the organisation with overall loan-responsibility.

Loan requests are usually acknowledged within 14 days of receipt. If The Museum has not previously lent to a venue or institution, it may ask for a completed UK Registrars’ Group Standard Facilities Report (a questionnaire aimed at identifying potential problems in lending certain types of objects to a prospective borrower, and encouraging discussion of possible solutions).The Museum may also request independent security reviews for prospective venues.

Successful applicants will usually receive an agreement to lend (accompanied by detailed loan conditions obligations and responsibilities) within 1 month of the receipt of their request.

Borrowers will be responsible for making practical arrangements for the transport, installation and de-installation of a loan, in consultation with The Jensen Museum.

To find out more, please telephone or send an email to Elizabeth Follows: We look forward to working together.

The Jensen Museum

Loan Services

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