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Windows & Wipers


I have also bought two new stainless steel wiper blades (incl. the rubbers) for £10.99p each + VAT. They are actually 1″ longer so were probably meant for the Mk.3 not my Mk. 1.The driver’s side blade extends beyond the curve of the widow, but otherwise they are OK.



I contacted Cropredy Bridge Garage and was advised that their electrician fits intermittent wiper kits and they would get me one. Cost was thirty something pounds? It was a “Hella 5WA 001 871 041” intermittent wiper kit. The kit was easy to fit. I use my car quite a bit and regularly get caught out in the rain. The kit works brilliantly. Although I didn’t use it the kit came with an angle bracket for underdash fitting.

Photos of kit . Possibly the biggest problem in fitting for some people will be the depth of the unit. My car is a Mk.1 and my chosen location over the drivers shelf (see photo below is perfect for me. I would imagine Cropredy could tell others where their electrician normally fit theirs on other cars)

Photo showing location of the unit in a chrome accessory bracket obtained from a classic car show. I’ve seen a number of similar brackets at these shows.

The wiring has to be spliced into the existing wiper switch wiring at the rear of the front consul.

If you follow the instructions you will find that the correct wire that operates the low speed setting is the green/red wire .This is cut through and the connections made as per the diagram below