Jensen heritage for the next generation


Car 1 – This is an early 1967 Int Mk 1, which means it would fit the FF as well. It is fixed to a “subframe” of very substantial angle irons which are again fixed (welded I think) to the underside of the boot area. It has been there since the car was new or nearly new. I was told it was used to tow a horsebox.. The final pic is from 20 something years ago, it will be like that again this coming summer.The supporting structure is permanent, but out of sight. The ball itself is of a bolt-on type with some distance pieces etc. (going into the recess in the rear skirt if I recall correctly. As I’ve welded new metal in place several years ago the holes are gone but those of the supporting structure will tell me the story. From the general look of it I’d say it was a pro job.

Car 2 I have a tow bar on my In1 which was on in 1970 when I acquired her.

I asked the list about towbars:

“Was there; and more importantly is there; a tow bar for the Jensen FF.”

Responses from the list were:
!) I have (most of) one on my Interceptor as well. Sounds a bit different to the one which car No. 1 has though as I don’t remember there being any brackets / plates attaching it to the boot floor, just side brackets bolting on to the structure behind the spring hangers.Actually it is a bit strange as the plate for the ball hitch to bolt onto
stops behind the rear panel. The rear panel on my car was replaced at some point, possibly during some restoration work which a previous owner had carried out about 10 years ago, and the remainder of the towbar was not refitted, but presumably there must have been a spacer to fit on the outside of the panel to give some clearance for the rear bumper before the towball itself fitted on.

2) Now then, interesting. I wonder if this was a factory fitment? (At the request of the original owners) My car has a plate with a bank of relays for the trailer lighting behind the lining in the boot. I can’t remember the exact position, but it is on the LHS (passenger) side of the car, close to the rear light cluster. Does your car have this as well? I also have a small green light beside the steering column which is used as a “repeater” to show that the trailer indicators are flashing – but curiously I have not (yet at least) been able to find any wires to it. These may have been removed during some “restoration” or other – but if your car is also fitted with this I would be interested in knowing if the wires going to it are part of the main loom, or have been run separately, and also what colour scheme they are, so the next time you have the dashboard in bits if you could have a look…….

3) have a tow bar on my Mk3 and use it to tow a caravan on occasions. I obtained it from Medway Interceptors (no longer trading – I think) and was told that it came from an FF. Therefore I’m assuming that FF and interceptor toe bars are interchangeable.

In March 2004 I was e-mailed with the information that Watling Engineers 88 Parkstreet Village Near St. Albans Herts. AL2 2LR, England Tel: +44(0)1727 873661 Fax: +44(0)1727 875029 at had a website ( Jenen Towbars for sale : The website lists all our Jensens but as regards the FF it says:

Interceptor & FF Mk1. (series 113,119FF). Oct 66 – Sep 69 (ref. PJN1) £129.50 ;

Interceptor & FF Mk2. (series 123,125FF) Oct 69 – Oct 71(ref. PJN2) £129.50 ;

Interceptor & FF Mk3.( series 128,138,127FF) Oct 71 – Dec 72 (ref. PJN3) £129.50 ;

I e-mailed them and received the following reply:

The towing brackets PJN 2 & 3 are in stock and can be dispatched to you on a next working day delivery. Unfortunately the towing brackets PJN1 are not in stock but if you place your order we should dispatch in 2 – 3 weeks. If you wish to place an order please telephone us on 01727 873661 to give us your address and credit card number, please confirm the model and year of your car. Carriage UK mainland £6.95. NOTE Some versions of the Interceptor need a special wiring kit to by-pass the dimmer relay, please check to see if your car has one.

Copy of the specifications for the towbar sent to me by Watling Engineers