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History and Heritage

History and Heritage

    Jensen Motors | Carter's Green Factory

    Jensen Motors | Carter’s Green Factory

    Carter’s Green factory is the first in a series of three features about the Jensen Motors factories. Swiss Jensen Car Club Secretary, Felix Kistler, has researched the three factories, and; together with various photographs and drawings; gives us a unique insight to the various areas of use within each factory. Kistler hopes that viewers might […]


    Jensen Healey Story

    The Jensen Healey Story has been written many times. However, Dutch Jensen historian, Han Kamp, gives us a fresh perspective on the whole saga of the Jensen Healey, from Donald Healey’s X500 project in the late 1960s, through to the iconic Jensen Healey that we know today. Long before the official presentation of the Jensen […]


    Jensen Museum | Nick Maltby draughtsman at Jensen Motors.

    Jensen Motors Draughtsman | Day In The Life

    Continuing our Day In The Life series, Nick Maltby gives us his Day In The Life of a draughtsman at Jensen Motors. Maltby joined Jensen Motors in 1959 as a draughtsman, working at the Carter’s Green factory. After leaving briefly to join Ford, he re-joined Jensen Motors as a draughtsman at Kelvin Way. The Museum […]


    Jensen Motors | Company Secretary

    Jensen Motors | Company Secretary A-Z

    Jensen Motors had no less than five Company Secretaries during the time the Company was in business. The first, J.B.Stevenson, had remained in that position from 1928 all the way through to 1964. The following four Company Secretaries only lasted a few years each. The short periods of employment in that position, indicative of the […]


    Jensen Museum | Jensen 541

    Jensen 541 Abbott Drop-Head | 541/3/4564 | Then & Now

    Back in 2010, one of only two Jensen 541 Abbott drop-heads, built by coachbuilder E.D. Abbott, had emerged from a barn in Kent. For close to 50 years the Jensen had remained in dry storage. Jensen historian, Keith Anderson, inspected the car in as found condition, and tells us the story. As Jensen enthusiasts know, […]

  • Famous Jensen Owners

    Harold Robbins' Jensens

    Harold Robbins’ Jensens

    Best selling author, Harold Robbins, was big news at the Jensen factory during the 1960s and 1970s.  He purchased one of the first MK.I left-hand-drive Interceptors, then a MK.II Interceptor, and a Jensen Convertible. By the 1960s, Robbins was on top of the authoring game, having dished out a variety of novels, some of which […]

  • History Feature

    Two Brothers with Vision – Alan & Richard Jensen

    The motoring world gasped, when in 1965, the small West Bromwich car company, Jensen Motors Ltd, unveiled the four-wheel-drive CV8 Jensen FF. It was a satisfying moment in particular for Richard Jensen, who had harboured the dream of a four-wheel-drive Jensen, after meeting Tony Rolt of Harry Ferguson Research. The two Jensen brothers, Alan and […]

  • Museum A-Z Lexicon

    Jensen Motors Distributors A-Z

    Until the birth of the Italian styled Jensen Interceptor and FF, Jensen Motors had a ‘small family’ of distributors that sold the company’s cars. Bearing in mind the relatively small number of Jensen cars being produced at that time they had no need for a larger distribution scheme. This was about to change. As the […]

  • Museum Feature

    Jensen FF Badging

    Unique badging for the new four-wheel-drive Jensen FF, started off almost as an afterthought on the CV8 FF. Just a simple chromed ‘FF’ badge identified the ground breaking car. It was with the launch of the Italian styled FF in 1966, that Jensen Motors ( helped by some pushing behind the scenes from Harry Ferguson […]


    Jensen Museum | Tony Good | Good Relations

    Good Relations Key Personalities A-Z

    Good Relations, was the aptly named company founded by public relations guru, Tony Good, in 1961. The company went on to become the first public relations business to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. During the 1960s, Good Relations picked up a variety of interesting accounts, including Jensen Motors. Other major accounts included the […]


    The Jackie Stewart Story

    During July 1968, an enquiry about purchasing an FF came to Jensen Motors via Major Tony Rolt, the Managing Director of Harry Ferguson Research Ltd. The interested party was Jackie Stewart,  the famous racing car driver. Stewart was a personal friend of Rolt and was keen to purchase a new FF. Towards the end of […]


    Jensen Museum | Jensen 541

    Jensen Motors Employee, Phil Grice, Interviewed

    Phil Grice is interviewed by leading Jensen historian, Keith Anderson. With an excellently controlled, yet relaxed interview technique by Anderson, Grice gives us a fascinating glimpse into the world of Jensen Motors from 1946 through to 1964. Grice left school at 14 and wanted to work within the motor trade. A friend mentioned that Jensen […]


    Jensen FF | Ski-Slope Adventure

    Jensen FF | Ski-Slope Adventure

    In late 1967, two motoring magazines, Motor, and Autocar, asked Jensen Motors if they could have loan of a Jensen FF for appraisal of the four-wheel-drive system.  Autocar further requested that they would like to drive the Jensen FF across to Switzerland, giving them the chance to use the car in all weather conditions over […]


    Harry Ferguson Research Key Personalities A-Z

    It was before the Second World War, that fellow motor racers, Tony Rolt and Freddie Dixon formed a company with the express idea of developing a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The declaration of war stopped the project in its tracks. Fast forwarding to the 1950s, Rolt and Dixon brought Ferguson on board to finance their four-wheel-drive project. […]


    Jensen Production Figures & Dates

    Between 1934 and 1976 Jensen Motors were building their own cars, as well as taking on all manner of sub-contract work, and manufacturing commercial vehicles. The Museum lists the non sub-contract Jensen production cars built, giving the Jensen production figures & dates. The listing also includes the small amount of cars built when the company […]