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Item description: Beatles Yellow Sub watch manufactured by Swatch. The watch in plastic with dial bearing artwork of the yellow submarine. The watch with 0-60 rotating bezel. The strap with yellow submarine motifs. The watch with plastic protective cover to the glass in place. The watch contained within its original Swatch clear plastic container, which in turn is contained with a plastic blue & yellow blow up submarine. The watch with case and blow up submarine contained within the outer blue cardboard Swatch box with original price tag still in place.

Condition report: New old stock. The watch, plastic outer case, and plastic blow up submarine all in mint unused condition. The blue cardboard outer container showing storage age, and one small split where it opens.

Background to Swatch Yellow Sub: The famous Swatch manufactured Yellow Submarine watch was designed in 1997, and launched a year later in 1998. The retail price being set at £78.50. The watch was only for sale for a few months, before Yoko Ono had it pulled from the store shelves for trademark infringement. Today, the Swatch Yellow Submarine watch remains one of the rarest of the company’s designs.

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