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A Brand New Jensen FF Please !

How many of us wish we could wind the clock back and order a brand new Jensen FF.

Just imagine. The year is 1969, and the distributor has just called you, “good morning sir, your Jensen FF has been delivered to our showroom ready for collection”.

Having waited months while your car was built, you find it difficult to constrain your excitement. You thank them, and say you will come to the showroom directly to pick up the car.

At the showroom you are met personally by one of the directors, who gestures you into the driving seat, while he familiarises you with the controls.

The smell of Vaumol Connolly leather is intoxicating, and you are only half listening to what you are being told, because all you want to do is turn that key, listen to the V8, and drive off into the sunset.

Jensen FF | Pirelli Motorsport Director Paul Hembrey

Late October 2016, and Rejen staff undertaking final finishing to Jensen FF chassis number 119/189.

Now just let your imagination work further. Suppose you are told the year isn’t 1969, but 2016, but everything else is true (well, the waiting time was years, not months, but let’s not get picky).

Yes, the call came through to say your new car was ready. Yes, you couldn’t contain your excitement. And yes, one of the directors of the company gestures you into the driving seat, and familiarises you with the controls. Afterwards, he ceremoniously hands you a set of new keys on a brand new Jensen keyfob.

A Brand New Jensen FF Please

Work within the engine-bay.

You have just taken ownership of what is to all intent and purposes, a brand new Jensen FF. But, not far off from 50 years since the car was first built.

Who is capable of bringing such an incredulous dream to reality. Well, marque experts, Rejen, agreed to to undertake this daunting project. Now in 2016, the dream finally becomes a reality.

A Brand New Jensen FF Please

Fitting of the tailgate brightwork. Exacting work.

The lucky owner of what is the closest thing to a brand new Jensen FF (the ex-GKN car, chassis number 119/189), is Pirelli Motorsport Director, Paul Hembery. And, having waited very patiently, he is looking forward to collecting his new Jensen FF from Rejen.

The car was unveiled at the NEC Classic Car Show 2016. Once road testing has been completed Paul Hembery will be taking the keys to his new Jensen FF, along with a 12 month warranty, just as he would have recieved from Jensen Motors, had he purchased the car in 1969.

Paul Hembrey Jensen FF

Jensen FF chassis number 119/189 unveiled at the NEC Classic Car Show 2016.




 The full story of the epic restoration of Jensen FF chassis number 119/189 is available to read under Conservation | Restoration

Feature title GKN Jensen FF | Epic Restoration


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