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Four-wheel-drive exhibition at the Audi Museum included the Jensen FF.

The Audi Museum at Ingolstadt, Germany, mounted an exhibition examining the history of four-wheel-drive vehicles. Not surprisingly, the Jensen FF, along with Audi’s Quattro, had centre stage.

The exhibition included prototypes, such as the pre-war Bugatti Type 53, and the post-war Cisitalia 360 racing car. As one would expect, Ferguson’s own Climax P99, of 1961 vintage, was included in the exhibition. Importantly, the landmark Jensen FF had its presence, in its capacity as the world’s first production four-wheel-drive car. It would be 1980 before Audi launched their four-wheel-drive Quattro.The exhibition ran from April 28th to July 31st 2010.

Jensen FF displayed at the Audi Museum

Jensen FF on display at the Audi Museum exhibition.












The Jensen Museum assisted the Audi Museum with archive photographs along with illustrations for their exhibition and exhibition catalogue. We also helped source a Jensen FF for display. The car was transported from Switzerland to Germany for the exhibition.


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: A special thanks to Stefan Felber from the Audi Museum.

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