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Unique supercharged Jensen FF unveiled.

Right at the edge of classic cars versus custom cars lies Jensen FF 119/142, here slowly disintegrating in a Solihull back-garden. The FF was acquired for its new owner by the Banbury-based company ‘Bavarez’.

Restoration started back in 2011, and as work developed, the restoration took a turn towards customisation. Uniquely, it was decided to leave the body in steel, but to paint the roof panel only, in a contrasting burgundy red. This allowed the copious lead loading applied at Jensen Motors to be seen.

A lacquer finish was sprayed directly over the steel and lead loading to seal the bodywork. Further customisation included a full ‘vintage-style’ supercharged engine, which necessitated a large hole in the bonnet for it to fit, along with a set of customised wheels with racing tyres.

The entire interior was retrimmed, but this was completed with originality in mind.

Jensen Museum | Vintage Supercharged Jensen FF

Jensen FF 119/142 in supercharged guise.

The vintage supercharged Jensen FF was unveiled at the NEC Classic Car Show in 2014. Bavarez brought in brand-supermodel, Harraidnie Beau, for the unveiling.

Musician, and classic car lover, Fuzz Townsend also took part.

Bavarez were quick to mention to those who were unimpressed with the customisation of a historic vehicle, that all the original components, such as the engine, have been retained.

It is the owner’s intention to revert the car to factory specification at a later point.







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