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JNSN Lorry Chassis Plates | Vehicle 3133 / 289

JNSN Lorry Chassis Plates | Vehicle 3133 / 289

Brass chassis plates from JNSN lorry 3133 / 289. Approximately 550 JLC (Jensen Light Commercial) lorries are thought to have been manufactured between 1947 and 1950. Today only about 1-2% are believed to have survived. In part this was due to the special alloy chassis, which meant these lorries had a high scrap value.

JNSN lorry, chassis number 3133 / 289, survived as a complete entity until 2017, but due to its poor state of preservation, it was decided to use the lorry as a parts source. The Museum holds the three brass chassis plates from this lorry, along with the original buff registration book.


JNSN Lorry Chassis Plates | Vehicle 3133 / 289

The three chassis detail plates were screwed either to the back of the cabin, or to the engine cover. The plates were manufactured from brass sheet, and then acid etched to raise the lettering. The main chassis plate which bore the vehicle details was acid etched, black infilled, and finished with silver, while the other two detail plates were left in brass with the raised lettering.


JNSN Lorry Chassis Plates | Vehicle 3133 / 289

The main chassis vehicle plate. Acid etched with black infill and silver finished. The plate has a size of 21cm x 15cm and cut from 1mm sheet brass. The vehicle number 3133 / 289 is stamped into the blank section. Immediately below the vehicle details, is a summary of the various oils which should be used. This plate was scewed in the centre position with the other two plates being screwed in each side.


JNSN Lorry Chassis Plates | Vehicle 3133 / 289

Second plate gives full instruction for removing the entire engine/transmission, fuel oil filters and exhaust system using the special “JNSN” trolley jack. This plate, with acid etched lettering has an overall size of 27.5cm x 17.7cm, with a 1mm thickness.


The third plate gives Chassis Maintenance Instructions. The plate with acid etched lettering on sheet brass with a thickness of 1mm. Overall size 27.5cm x 17.7cm.

JNSN Lorry Chassis Plates | Vehicle 3133 / 289

The three chassis & maintenance plates as fitted to the engine cover on this factory photograph.


 JNSN Lorry Registration Book | Vehicle 3133 / 289


JNSN lorry | Jensen Museum

The buff coloured registration book for JNSN lorry 3133 / 289. The Midland Joinery Company showing as the first registered keeper. They purchased the lorry in 1949.



JNSN Lorry | Chassis Number 3133/289

JNSN 3133 /289 photographed by Kenny Walsh in 2017 before it was dismantled as a parts source.


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: K & R Walsh Bros. Manchester | Jensen historian, Richard Calver

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