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Four-Wheel-Drive Icon At Cresta Run

Jensen FF at the 125th Anniversary of the Crest Run. Of all the classic cars available to the rich and famous, who wouldn’t want to drive the four-wheel-drive Jensen FF to St.Moritz, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Crest Run. One man did exactly that. According to self-confessed Cresta Run addict, and well known classic car enthusiast, Alexander Knapp Voith, there is only one classic car worthy of winter at St.Moritz, the Jensen FF.

A keen member of the Cresta Run, Knapp Voith decided that his Jensen FF should stand out for the 125th Anniversary of the Cresta Run held in February 2010. To this end, the white painted Jensen FF Mk.II, chassis number 127/251, was clad in a special plastic membrane in the Cresta Run colours of red & orange. The finished car looked astonishingly good in its new, but temporary, colour scheme.

Cresta Run Jensen FF.

Cresta Run Jensen FF.

Celebrations started at London’s Hyde Park, where no less than fifty cars, including the Jensen FF, started on their journey to Switzerland. With a first stop over at Vinay in the Champagne district of France, the rally continued to Zurich, and then to the final destination of St.Moritz.



Other Crest Run cars get ready for the parade.

Other Cresta Run cars get ready for the parade.













At St.Moritz, there was a parade of cars through the streets, and down onto the frozen lakes below. As one would expect, Knapp Voith was straight down to the frozen lake in the four-wheel-drive FF, as was a Lancia Delta HF Integrale. Others followed, but more cautiously.


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