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Item description: Voxson model 104 radio / 8 track player as fitted to 1960s Ferraris such as the Dino 246 GT, GT 365, GTB 4, and even the Daytona GTC / 4. Jensen Motors were the first British car company to install the Voxson, and these were fitted to the Jensen Interceptor and FF from 1968 as an option.   The unit complete with its chrome and black finished fascia, and the stainless steel, Voxson branded, 8 track cartridge flap. The casing in metal. Complete with its separate amp unit and all related wiring.

Condition report: This unit is very good to excellent condition, with a particularly clean casing. The unit has been tested and is working. (no warranty implied).

Special notes: The Voxson 104 model radio / 8 track player was brought out in 1968. Jensen Motors brokered an agreement with Voxson for them to supply units to Jensen Motors. Initially, the standard Voxson unit with Voxson-branded flap was fitted to Jensen cars, but Jensen Motors had their own Jensen-branded flap fitted to the majority of units. That said, even some Mk.II Interceptors and FFs ended up with Voxson flaps, so there was probably a mix of units as they were fitted to cars.


Provenance: Labels attached to the unit show that it had been previously fully serviced in 1988.

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