Item description: Pink Floyd Soldier Field Backstage Pass from 19th June 1977. The pass in black screen print on white silk. Danny Kresky Enterprises logo to lower centre. Reverse with brown split & peel backing.

Size: 10cm x 10.5cm

Condition report: Mint condition. Storage age only. Backing intact.

Background to Pink Floyd 1977 Tour: Pink Floyd’s In the Flesh Tour, also known as the Animals Tour, was divided in two legs, one in Europe and another in North America. The tour featured large inflatable puppets, such as a pig, as well as a pyrotechnic “waterfall”, and one of the biggest and most elaborate stages to date, including umbrella-like canopies that would raise from the stage to protect the band from the elements. The tour became more well known as the Animals Tour, as it coincided with the release of the band’s Animals album. The Pink Floyd Soldier Field gig of 19th June 1977 took place at Chicago Illinois.

Special notes: As a giant inflatable pig was used throughout the tour, this was also used as the key artwork to the range of Backstage Passes organised for the tour. The basic Backstage Pass is in black on white, an All Access version with a pink pig was also produced.

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