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Today, the vintage Omega Memomatic remains a watch icon for collectors.

Back in 1947 the first alarm wristwatch was brought to market by Vulcain with their Cricket. Finding instant friends amongst US Presidents, the Vulcain Cricket was propelled to fame. Jaeger Le Coultre were hot on their back, bringing out the Memovox in 1951. Omega stood back and watched, and when this also showed itself as a success, they also entered the alarm watch market belatedly in 1969 with their aptly named Memomatic. With a variety of exciting case styles and dials, these also picked up a chunk of the alarm market share. Omega had also come up with an inspirational movement design, which used just one barrel to power the watch’s time keeping and alarm hammer. This movement also allowed a more exacting alarm time than its competitors.

Item description: Omega Memomatic 1969 alarm watch first design. This Omega Memomatic with model reference ‘165.072’ came out in 1969.  This stunning first design example has a massive cushion-tonneau stainless steel case with satin finished bezel and case sides, along with polished edges. The crown (bearing Omega logo) is at the 4.00 position, and the alarm set at 2.00. A calender quick change is set at the 3.00 position. The dial is in tu-tone grey with large luminous hour battons. Omega brand name and logo , along with the model designation ‘memomatic’. There is a dominant flourecent orange sweep seconds, along with orange alarm set indicator. A date calender is positioned at the traditional 3.00 position. The reverse has a screw-down case-back with Omega Seamaster logo. The watch has the automatic movement Cal.980. Complete with a new a black leather strap along with stainless steel non-branded buckle.

Case size: 44mm x 40mm

Condition report: The watch in excellent overall condition.Case clean and free from excessive scratches. Dial in close to mint condition , with just light age visible. Omega glass remaining in place.  Movement functioning. Alarm functioning. Serviced in 2012   (no warranty implied).  The timepiece may have been opened, so it should not be used near moisture or water without being checked by a qualified watchmaker.

Background to Omega Seamaster: The Omega Seamaster range made its debut in 1957, but it wasn’t until 1964, that the true Seamaster for diving purposes came out with the Seamaster 300. Bearing reference 165.024. The Seamaster 300 remained in production from 1964 until 1970. The Omega Seamaster 300 of the 1960s was so highly regarded as a professional diving watch that the British Ministry of defence contracted Omega to supply quantities of the ‘300’  for Royal Navy ‘special duty’ work.

Background to the Omega Memomatic: The Omega Memomatic was introduced at the end of 1969 and is the only mechanical alarm watch that uses one barrel to power the watch’s time keeping and the alarm hammer. It will activate the alarms hammer for one revolution of the barrel so that it doesn’t deplete too much of the mainsprings power for time keeping side if things.

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