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Item description: Jensen Radiomobile 108 radio / 8 track as fitted to Interceptor MK.III.   The unit with large chrome and black finished facia, and complete with the black finished ‘Jensen’ 8 track cartridge flap. The casing in metal. All wiring intact, and additional MP3 lead fitted.

Condition report: The unit has been completely stripped and overhauled. Work included replacing all lamps, drive belt, output speaker wiring, in addition, all deck and switches have been cleaned and re-fitted. The unit fully tested (no warranty implied).

Special notes: The Radiomobile 108 series radio / 8 track superceded the 104 units with seperate amp. The 108 is generally concidered more reliable than the 104, and havinf an integral amp system, means it does not take up so much room behind the dashboard. Jensen Motors had a black 8 track cartridge flap with the ‘Jensen’ name fitted, which again, superceded the earlier stainless steel flap.


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