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Item description: Jensen leather steering wheel to fit later Jensen FF MK.I (119/101 through to 119/195), and later Interceptor MK.I. The steering wheel will also fit Jensen FF & Interceptor Mk.II cars.  Steering wheel brand leaders, Mota-Lita, have been working together with the Museum, to recreate the Jensen leather wrapped steering wheel. The recreated steering wheel is for sale exclusively through the Museum.

Talks in 2016 between Museum curator, Ulric Woodhams, and Mota-Lita’s founder, Simon Green, led to the task of recreating this iconic Jensen steering wheel. Initially, the two men were discussing the history of Mota-Lita,  when Green mentioned the (little known) fact that Mota-Lita had manufactured some of the leather wrapped steering wheels for Jensen Motors back in the day. It was this surprise information that led to talks about a recreation of this steering wheel.

Sizes: This steering wheel is available in both 15″ & 14″ sizes. Initially it was a 15″ steering wheel fitted to Jensen Interceptor & FF, but the size was later reduced to 14″. The 14″ size tends to be preferred by most drivers today.

Condition report: New

Special notes: No exchange required. The horn push and surround is not included.

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