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Jensen FF For Sale

Chassis number 119/016


Description: One of the few Jensen FFs built at Vignale in Italy, this car bearing the Vignale build number ‘8. The car was built up as a painted shell at Vignale, and shipped back to West Bromwich for trimming in a special steel-grey leather. The Museum has helped

the owner where possible in regard to the car’s current restoration, including sample matching for the correct factory mist grey paint. Marque specialists, Rejen, have also been responsible for the excellent retrimming of the interior back to its correct steel-grey.

The completed restoration has taken four years, and today the owner states the car drives very well. A comprehensive car history file goes with the car, which has completed approximately 99,000 miles between 1967 and 2017. The car is located just outside Stockholm. Further information available on request.

Status: Sold