With an impressive Everest connection, the Enicar Sherpa range of watches, have irresistible collectability. And for sheer rarity factor, add in the Enicar ‘Space Case’. Great back-story, and stunning futuristic case style. Can it get better.

Item description: Enicar Sherpa 350 for sale. This extremely rare ‘space-case’ watch has a futuristic stainless steel case. The dial in sunburst deep-blue and with a raised satin silver outer wall with hour markers. A great funky orange edge where the satin silver wall meets the case edge. The space theme continues with the Saturn logo. Enicar brand name, along with the Sherpa 350 designation. Day date Calender (German language) set to the conventional 3.00 position. Crown bearing Enicar logo set at the 4.00 position. Automatic movement. Complete with a 1960s black rubber tropic style strap. Non-branded stainless steel buckle. Original Enicar sales card remaining attached.

Case size: 42mm x 38mm

Condition report: New old stock condition. Original polished and satined finishing to case remaining. Dial perfect. Case-back perfect, and still with suppliers purple translucent paint in place. working condition. The timepiece may have been opened, so it should not be used near moisture or water without being checked by a qualified watchmaker.

Background to the  Enicar Sherpa watches: Back in the 1950s / 1960s, the Swiss watch manufacturer, Enicar, were well known and respected for their range of robust diver, and GMT aviation watches. It was watches from this range which were worn by the Swiss Himalayan expedition to Everest. It is argued that Enicar provided the first watches ever taken to the top of Everest, and not Rolex. However, poor documentation of the expedition has left that accolade open to conjecture. In homage to the 1956 Swiss expediation, Enicar launched their aptly named range of Sherpa watches.

Special notes: Enicar watches are in the midst of a resurgence in popularity. The brand has a solid following  for their vintage watches, especially models such as the Sherpa series, including the Sherpa Jet, and Sherpa Super-Jet, and obviously the sought after Sherpa Graph. For over 70 years Enicar have produced watches that have been worn by mountaineers, the racing fraternity, U.S. Navy divers, and even a Russian rocket scientist.

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