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Jensen Motors Paint Codes 1967 – 1976

When Jensen Motors added a new colour to their range, the manufacturer’s name and their code for the specific paint colour was held on file. This listing gives a breakdown of Jensen Motors paint codes representing the company’s standard range of colours used between 1967 and 1976. This is further broken down into pre-1973 colors and post-1973 colours. It will be noted that some colours are duplicated when they have been manufactured by more than one colour i.e. cassis, which has the I.C.I code, and then the later Carrs code.




Jensen Motors Paint Codes | Pre-1973 FF / Interceptor & Healey


Colour Code Manufacturer
Beluga C3926 Carrs
Berkley Brown M030 6867 I.C.I
Black M030 122 I.C.I
Black C5302 Carrs
Brazilia M030 6708 I.C.I
Brazilia C3931 Carrs
California Sage M031 2629 I.C.I
Cassis M030 7245 I.C.I
Cassis C3928 Carrs
Cerise M030 7088 I.C.I
Charcoal P031 2537 I.C.I
Claret M030 6316 I.C.I
Colorado Yellow paint code not known (also used by BMW under the same name)
Conifer Green C3714 Carrs
Conifer Green M070 6201 I.C.I
Crimson C4542 Carrs
Crystal Blue P031 2523 I.C.I
Fawn M031 2165 I.C.I
Flag Red C4778 Carrs
Frisco Blue M030 8484 I.C.I
Garnet M030 6316 I.C.I
Mango C3932 Carrs
Metallic Fawn P031 2165 I.C.I
Metallic Peat P031 2321 I.C.I
Metallic Quartz C3930 Carrs
Mist Grey P031 2522 I.C.I
Moorland Peat C3620 Carrs
Moorland Peat M030 8666 I.C.I
Mustard M030 4830 I.C.I
Nugget Gold M031 3808 I.C.I
Oakland Green M030 3183 I.C.I
Pimpernel C3929 Carrs
Pistachio C3884 Carrs
Positano Yellow P030 7693 I.C.I
Quartz M031 8172 I.C.I
Reef Blue M031 3435 I.C.I
Regal Red P031 2394 I.C.I (also used by Rolls Royce under the same name)
Royal Blue M031 3310 I.C.I
Royal Flag Blue C3929 Carrs
Seychelles Blue M030 3310 I.C.I
Silver Grey M031 2522 I.C.I
Silver Grey M031 2522 I.C.I
Spring Gold M030 4830 I.C.I
Stratosphere Blue C3710 Carrs
Stratosphere Blue M030 3169 I.C.I
Tangerine M030 8483 I.C.I
Thunder Grey C3709 Carrs
White M030 8227 I.C.I
White C3713 Carrs
Yellow M030 8486 I.C.I
Yellow Gold M030 4830 I.C.I

Jensen Motors Paint Codes | Post-1973 FF / Interceptor & Healey

Colour Code Manufacturer
Aruba Red ACR 31097/M Ault & Wiborg
Black M030 122 I.C.I
Black LSC 24213 G.I.P Low Bake
Black GL 5030 G.I.P
Black ACR 5030 Ault & Wiborg
Blue Pacific GL 29637 G.I.P
Brienz Blue M079 4715 I.C.I
Buttercup Yellow LSC 30162 G.I.P Low Bake
Buttercup Yellow GL 30102 G.I.P
Cerise M030 7635 I.C.I
Cerise D 5532 Postans Low Bake
Cerise D 5673 Postans
Cheviot Brown ACR 31105/M Ault & Wiborg
Copper M079 4714 I.C.I
Cricket White ACR 29054 Ault & Wiborg
Havana M030 2295 I.C.I
Havana D 5707 Postans Low Bake
Havana D 5754 Postans
Malaga Blue LSC 31032 G.I.P Low Bake
Malaga Blue GL 30132 G.I.P
Moss Green M030 8971 I.C.I
Mustard M030 4830 I.C.I
Mustard LSC 28712 G.I.P Low Bake
Mustard GL 29712 G.I.P
Nevis Blue ACR 31102/M Ault & Wiborg
Oakland Green M030 3133 I.C.I
Oatmeal M030 8970 I.C.I
Old English White 3765 X 0010 Pinchin Johnson
Pacific Blue M030 8972 I.C.I
Pacific Blue LSC 29637 G.I.P Low Bake
Pine Green ACR 31099/M Ault & Wiborg
Red (Carmine) M030 9039 I.C.I
Royal Blue M031 3310 I.C.I
Royal Blue D 5706 Postans Low Bake
Royal Blue D 5750 Postans
Saba Blue ACR 31101/M Ault & Wiborg
Saturn Gold ACR 31104/M Ault & Wiborg
Sebring Silver ACR 26771-M-HV G.I.P
Silver Grey M031 2522 I.C.I
Silver Grey LSC 29770 G.I.P Low Bake
Silver Grey GL 28012 G.I.P
Tangerine M030 8483 I.C.I
Tangerine M078 8483 I.C.I
White M030 8227 I.C.I
Yellow M030 8486 I.C.I
Yellow LSC 29685 G.I.P Low Bake

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