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Holdings overview

Ulric Woodhams, curator of The Jensen Museum, has been building, what is now, the Jensen Museum Archive since 1976. The Archive contains material relating to Jensen Motors, and to all models produced by Jensen Motors between 1934 and 1976. The archive also includes material specific to the Jensen name from post-1976. This includes Jensen Parts & Service Ltd,  Jensen Cars Ltd,  and Jensen related companies producing cars such as the SV8, and the Interceptor ‘S’ and ‘R’.

These holdings do not include the car collection itself.


Jensen Museum Archive Material

1-The Michael Cooper photographic archive. This important photographic archive was originally built up by photographer, Michael Cooper, whilst he worked with Jensen Motors publicity company, Good Relations.


1a-The Michael Scarlett photographic archive. This important archive contains the photographic work undertaken by Scarlett from the beginning of the 1960s until his death in 2011. The archive includes a large representation of 1960s motorsport, but more importantly for the Museum, includes over 300 negatives relating to Jensen FF 119/025 (the car driven by Scarlett up a ski-slope), along with negatives of a Jensen Interceptor, and a Jensen Healey. The archive in total consists of nearly 15,000 prints, contacts, negatives & slides.


2- General museum  photographic archive with images from 1930s through to 1976 including photographic contributions from Tony Marshall and Richard Graves.


3-Jensen Motors factory working drawings. The drawings dating from 1951 through to early 1960s. The collection in excess of 400 drawings. Main draughtsmen include, John Attrill, Harry L.Bird, George Coleman, Charles Dale, Robert Hale, D. Jeavons, D. Nash, Eric Neale, Colin Riekie,  A. Stoke, A.R.Wilkes.


3-Books, Jensen related. All titles dealing with the company and their products


4-Vignale Jensen Archive. A mixture of contemporary and copied documents relating to those cars manufactured by Vignale in Italy for Jensen Motors and Sincar.


5-Brochure Archive. Various brochures printed by Jensen Motors 1934 up to 1976. Both home & export markets.


6-Handbooks / Parts Books / Workshop Manuals / Distributor Books. Various books relating to Jensen cars up to 1976.


7-Contemporary magazines. Magazines, such as Motor, Autocar etc, with articles relating to Jensen models.


8-Jensen Owners’ Club. Magazines 1971 to date. Other related memorabilia.

The archive is missing Jensen Owners’ Club magazines numberes: 2, 3, 12, 16.

8a-Some magazines from Jensen clubs in Australia, USA and Holland.


9-Music Archive. A collection of music / entertainment equipment as fitted to Jensen cars up to 1976.


10-Models. Various models relating to Jensen cars, manufactured up to 1976.


11-Material Archive. The purpose of the Material Archive is to hold examples of any materials used within the manufacture of Jensen cars between 1934 and 1976. This includes samples of, leather, carpeting, underlays, sound deadening, rubbers, vinyls etc.

At a future point this archive of materials may prove to be the only surviving resource for replicating exactly the materials used on these cars.

We are keen to expand our Materials Archive holdings. It is the archive’s intention to hold original samples of all materials used to build Jensen cars (all Jensen models, all ages). This includes, all colours and types of leather, carpeting, carpet edging, floor underlay, head lining etc. This may be of considerable benefit in the future to those trying to restore Jensen cars to absolute originality. If you have any old original pieces of material left over after a re-trim then we would be grateful to hold them within our archive. If possible, we would like to know what particular chassis number the material part came from. Please contact us to discuss further.


12-Paint Archive. A holding of original paint samples as used on Jensen cars up to 1976. This holding includes a variety of paint swatches made by Jensen Motors for use by themselves, and their distributors. Sections of original painted body sections, where the original paint is still undisturbed. Original paint codes, and some reformulated paint codes. Various modern paint swatches spectrographed from the originals.

We are keen to expand our Paint Archive holdings. It is the archive’s intention to hold original samples of paint used on all Jensen cars (all Jensen models, all ages). If you have any original pieces of metal from your car, which have the original paint from the factory then we would be grateful to hold them within our archive. Likewise any contemporary paint swatches.  If possible, we would like to know what particular chassis numbered car, the metal part came from. Please contact us to discuss further.


13-New old stock items as fitted to Jensen cars up to 1976. Most with original packaging, or, and, Jensen Motors stock labels.


14-Display signs and associated memorabilia as used by Jensen Motors up to 1976.


15-Distributor material. A holding of memorabilia and ephemera from former Jensen Motors distributors.



Dedicated Jensen FF Archive

1-The main chassis file archive relating to the 320 Jensen FF cars manufactured. Consisting of contemporary and copied material.

This archive holds information relating to each car produced, filed by chassis number. The information is a mixture of car ownership from point of sale to date. Included are interviews and life stories relating to original buyers of Jensen FF cars between 1967 and 1971 (of social-history importance). Other information relates to car restorations, survival, thefts, identity change etc. This part of the archive is managed using archival binders. It presently consists of in excess of fifty binders.


2- Photographic archive specific to Jensen FF. A mixture of period and later photographs / negatives / CDs.


3-Books, Jensen FF related. These also include books that mention (or are about) owners who purchased Jensen FF cars new.


5-Brochure Archive. Various brochures specifically relating to Jensen FF cars printed by Jensen Motors up to 1971.


6-Handbooks / Parts Books / Workshop Manuals. Various books relating to Jensen FF cars up to 1971.


7-Films & Advertising which contain Jensen sequences using Jensen FF cars.


8-Contemporary magazines. Magazines, such as Motor, Autocar etc, with articles specifically relating to Jensen FF models.


9-Post 1976  magazines and auction catalogues which have articles or other specifically relating to Jensen FF cars.


10-Models. All models relating to Jensen FF cars, manufactured during the 1970s.


11- One unusual section of the holding, is any surviving parts from the historic FF, 119/002, which unfortunately was broken up in the 1990s. We currently hold the bonnet, transmission / FWD unit, various interior parts, some trim, some brightwork. Please let us know if you have any parts which originally came from this car.


Jensen Car Registers

The archive holds and maintains three registers of cars at this time, which is continually updated as new information about cars is brought to our attention.

Jensen FF Register

Register of all Jensen FF cars manufactured. Currently in excess of fifty binders

Jensen SP Register

Register of all Jensen SP cars manufactured. Currently eight binders

Jensen GT Register

Register of all Jensen GT cars manufactured. Two binders

Vignale Manufactured Jensen Car Register

Register of all Vignale manufactured Jensen cars. Currently four binders

Early Interceptor Register

Register of the 88 so-called Early Interceptor cars. One binder


Holdings – Other – Jensen related

1- Various marketing material relating to the Jensen SV8

2-Various marketing material relating to Jensen International Automotive products

The Future

A question often asked, is what will happen to the archive in the future. In particular, if its founder, and custodian, Ulric Woodhams was deceased. An agreement has been reached with Warwick University, that the archive section will be transferred into their care at that point.


Museum Contributions

We are seeking to acquire any material relating to Jensen Motors as a company, and all models manufactured by them. Please contact us at, or telephone +1694-781354.





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