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Perfect Harmony


Launched by Patek Philippe in 1968, was the Company’s new Blue Gold Elipse range.  It was a bold departure from traditional watch shapes, but somehow continued to look traditional. The Elipse has a sense of inner harmony which is particularly pleasing to the eye. Its design was inspired by the principle of the ‘golden section’ discovered by the ancient greek mathematicians.

This “divine” proportion, expressed as a ratio of 1 / 1.6181, forms the basis of some of history’s greatest works of art and architecture. An elliptical case, between a circle and a rectangle. As the title suggests, the Blue Gold Elipse range has a dial made from a thin sheet of gold, and oxidised by a special process invented by Patek Philippe, to turn it blue.


The Patek Philippe Blue Gold Elipse reference 3546 remains at the pinnacle of cool and beautiful understatement


Item description: Patek Philippe 1970 blue gold elipse ref 3546, remains at the pinnacle of cool understatement.  This beautiful timepiece is a part of Patek Philippe’s famous Blue Gold Ellipse range. Dating from the start of the 1970s, this distinctive chronometer level timepiece , features an 18K white gold case (Ref 3546), blue gold dial, with white gold hands and battons, along with Patek Philippe’s 23.300 manual movement. The watch is complete with a black crocodile style strap with white metal buckle.

Case size: 35mm x 28mm


Condition report: Case in excellent condition with a nice polished finish remaining (free from major scratches or other damage). Dial original. Movement particularly clean and in working condition (no warranty implied). The timepiece may have been opened, so it should not be used near moisture or water without being checked by a qualified watchmaker.


Background to Patek Philippe: Polish watchmaker Antoni Patek started making pocket watches in 1839 in Geneva, along with his fellow Polish partner Franciszek Czapek. They separated in 1844, and in 1845 Patek joined with the French watchmaker Adrien Philippe, inventor of the key-less winding mechanism. Patek Philippe & Co was founded in 1851. Patek Philippe pioneered the perpetual calendar, split-seconds hand, chronograph, and minute repeater in watches, and carved an iconic niche within watch-making, as the manufacturers of some of the world’s most complicated watches.


In 1976, Patek Philippe introduced the Nautilus collection after deciding that it was time to produce an exclusive sport watch with finishes of the highest quality. This new model had a key role in Patek’s overall marketing strategy, as it had to refresh the brand image while perpetuating tradition. Patek Philippe today, is considered by many experts and aficionados to be the most prestigious watch brand in the market place. Past owners of Patek Philippe watches include many heads of state, including Queen Victoria.


Special notes: Patek Philippe invented the special blue gold dial. The dial is an actual sheet of gold which undergoes a special oxidation process that turns the gold blue.


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