Jensen heritage for the next generation


Item description: An extremely rare  Learjet A-250 radio / 8 track player. This unit was available as an expensive option on Interceptor MK.III and Jensen SP cars.   The unit with large chrome and black finished facia, and complete with the black plastic wrinkle finish edge surround (often missing). The casing in standard wrinkle finish black metal. All wiring intact, and additional MP3 lead fitted.


Condition report: The unit survives in excellent towards near mint condition, with all badges intact. The unit has been fully overhauled, tested, and is working.  (no warranty implied). An MP3 lead has been fitted to the unit whilst it was undergoing the overhaul.


Special notes: The Learjet A-250 is probably the most sophisticated radio / 8 track player ever produced.  The unit has various relays and solenoids which even control the eject. It is incredible how the unit pulls the 8 track cartridge into the machine, and softly ejects the cartridge at the push of the eject button. The complication of the Learjet A-250 means it is not a unit to buy unchecked. Many units offered for sale are internally in such poor condition, that they cannot be successfully overhauled.


Additional items we can supply with this unit: Full chrome under dash mounting bracket, for applications in non-Jensen cars – £35. Full set of operating & maintenance instructions – £15.


Provenance: Removed from an Interceptor III during the early 1980s, and placed into dry storage within the owner’s house.


Ordering: or telephone: +1694-781354