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Item description: Sicura’s Rallye GT was positioned at the racing fraternity, a classic 1960s style vintage watch. The case in chromed brass with protected crown. Black dial with calender at 3.00. The dial with brand and model name name Sicura Rallye GT, along with the further designations, 23 Jewels – 200 – Vacuum Tested  – Tritium. The watch with double bezel, both rotating. The larger black bezel ring with cities across the world (for world time setting), and an additional smaller silver bezel with index marks 10 – 50. The stainless steel case-back with further Sicura branding, along with diver logo and designations Waterproof – 200 vacuum Tested. Movement with steel bridges, and Sicura calibre ‘Sic 19’. The watch complete with a new black leather strap and stainless steel non branded buckle.

Case size: 46mm x 44mm

Condition report: Case in excellent to near mint condition with a nice polished  finish remaining. Dial original and with a nice ‘soft’ age patination, both bezels in fully working condition. Case-back clean and free from any major scratches. All engravings clean and clear. Movement particularly clean and in working condition. The movement has been recently serviced (no warranty implied). The timepiece may have been opened, so it should not be used near moisture or water without being checked by a qualified watchmaker.

Background to Sicura: Sicura was a relative new-comer to world of watch manufacturing, starting life at the beginning of the 1960s. The company’s founder, Ernest Schneider, was a former pilot and microelectronics specialist, who believed he could manufacture good quality; but relatively inexpensive; watches for people requiring watches for specific purposes. In 1979, Breitling went into liquidation, and the company’s stock was sold off to other manufacturers. Schneider, believing the Breitling name had potential, bought the name, and from that time Schneider manufacturerd watches under the Breitling name. It is fair to say today, that vintage Sicura watches hold an interesting historic pedigree.

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