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Item description: With Longines’ long connection with aviation, and sports-associated watches, it was obvious that by the 1960s, they would bring out their own diving watch. The new range of diving watches was named ‘Conquest’. This stunning close to new old stock example, dates from 1969. Typical large stainless steel case with integral crown protector. The case still retaining its satined top with highly polished sides. The dial in black, with the Longines brand name and logo as applied silvered sections. Applied battons. Calender at the 3.0 position. On the outside of the black dial is a rotational black bakelite 0-60 bezel, which is turned by means of a stainless steel notched outside edge. Crown with relief ‘Longines’ name along with logo. Screw on case-back stamped with ‘Stainless Steel’, and the serial number. Longine automatic movement. The watch completed with a new old stock Tropic style strap from the 1960s, and with a stainless steel buckle.

Case size: 45mm x 43mm

Condition report: Close to new old stock condition. Storage age, or very light use only. Close to perfect case. Beautiful original dial with light aging to the luminous hour battons. Close to perfect bakelite bezel ring.  Case-back with satined and polished finish, free from any major scratches. Tropic style strap of new old stock dating to the 1960s. Working condition (no warranty implied). The timepiece may have been opened, so it should not be used near moisture or water without being checked by a qualified watchmaker.

Background to Longines: The Longines company was founded in Saint-Imier, Switzerland  by Auguste Agassiz in 1832 .  In fact the Longines winged hourglass logo is the oldest known registered trademark for any watchmaker. The Longines company provided timers which were used at the first modern Olympics in 1896. In 1899, a Longines watch went to the North Pole with Arctic explorer Luigi Amedeo of Savoy. As we moved into the 20th century, Longines supplied automatic timekeeping for the Federal Gymnastics at Basel in 1912. Since that time, the Longines brand have been associated with sporting timepieces.

Longines are particularly known for their ‘Aviators’ range of watches. This venture started when Longines collaborated with Weems, and brought out the first watch (bearing the Weems name) for pilot navigation.  After Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight in 1927, Lindbergh set out to update and improve the Weems watch, based on his experience of flying over the Atlantic. He explained to Longines what he needed from a navigational watch, and the watchmakers went to work, with Charles Lindbergh giving his stamp of approval on the final product. In 1931, the Longines Lindbergh watch was born.  Longines gained huge publicity through their association with Charles Lindbergh, selling the watch to working pilots and the adoring public alike.

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