JENSEN FF 119/195

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FOUR WHEEL DRIVE UNIT: T119-193 & 102-193
PAINT COLOUR: Metallic purple
TRIM COLOUR: Black leather
DISTRIBUTOR: Charles Follett Ltd

COMMENTS: Unique specification, see under Historical Background, and Car Archeology.

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: Sold to Mitch Mitchell, the drummer with the Jimi Hendrix Experience. 119/195 was ordered in a unique metallic purple paint, and was purchased in 1969 from Charles Follett Ltd. The car was ordered with a standard radiomobile radio, but Mitchell had a Pioneer ‘8’ track player fitted by Jensen Motors after purchase. This was fitted in an especially made unit at the rear of the central cubby (see also 119/193 which had the same set-up fitted). At the point of purchase, Mitchell also asked that a set of maglite wheels be fitted to the car instead of the standard Rostyles. Additionally, air-conditioing (not an option at this time from Jensen Motors) was fitted to the car as an aftermarket procedure. While 119/195 was in the ownership of Mitchell, the car was involved in a few crashes, and since Hendrix is also known to have driven the Jensen, one wonders if he was at the wheel when some of these occurred. In 1970; two weeks after Hendrix’s death; Mitchell was involved in yet another accident, this time serious, when, in a bad storm, he went off the road. The car rolled several times finally resting on its roof, luckily, Mitchell was uninjured. The car was transported back to Jensen Motors and rebuilt. Mitchell asked for the car to be re-sprayed in Jensen tangerine, and for a Webasto roof to be fitted. The car wasn’t kept by Mitchell for much longer. One of the organisers of the Isle of Wight Festival, had taken a liking to Mitchell’s FF, and asked if he could buy it; Mitchell agreed. Remaining in the UK for another year, 119/195 was part-exchanged against a Rolls Royce, and the new Australian owner had the car shipped over to Sydney. The car remained in Australia until 2015, at which time 119/195 was acquired for the Museum.

CAR ARCHEOLOGY: As at 2015, 119/195 remaining largely with its original Jensen tangerine paint from 1970. The car generally rust free due to the excellent environment the car had been kept in. Rust found to the forward frame of the bonnet, and this has been sympathetically cut out, replaced and painted. Some of the original metallic purple paint has been found inside the door casings, and from this a spectrographed colour sample has been produced. The original maglite wheels still remain on the car. The Webasto roof remains on the car. Rubber / chrome body finishers were fitted to 119/195, possibly when the car was repaired in 1970 (these remain on the car). The wing mirrors are original to the car. All leather trim original. Carpets original apart from the two front carpets which have been replaced. The original Radiomobile radio has been replaced by a 1980s cassette / radio player (the museum will re-instate a Radiomobile). The original 8 track player is still present rear of the central cubby.


STATUS: The Jensen Museum collection.

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