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Item description: Deep Purple / John Mayall flyer from the April 18/19 1969 concert held at The Rose Palace, Pasadena, USA. Size: 21.5cm x 14cm

Condition report: Overall excellentcondition. Colours bright and free from fading. Corner tears to three corners. The tears only to the border, and do not protrude into the printed area.

Background to Deep Purple:Formed in 1968, the group managed to get both American and UK record labels on board, and released their first album, Shades of Deep Purple. By the beginning of the following year, the group embarked on their first American tour. Pre-1970, the group were putting out a type of psychedelic rock sound, but in 1970, a determined change led way to the more distinctive hard rock vibe.

Special notes: Flyers such as this are concidered rare survivors in the market place, as the vast majority were given out to passing members of the public (and typically disposed of), or pasted to street lamp posts are walls.

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