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The purpose of the Materials Archive is to hold examples of any materials used within the manufacture of Jensen cars between 1934 and 1976. This includes samples of, leather, carpeting, underlays, sound deadening, rubbers, vinyls etc.

At a future point this archive of materials may prove to be the only surviving resource for replicating exactly the materials used on these cars.


The holding of original materials, as used on Jensen cars up to 1976


This holding includes a variety of differing materials used on all Jensen models.

Materials Archive | Jensen Museum

Original trim pieces from Jensen H-Type, chassis ‘9331’.

The earliest materials within the holding is from the Jensen H-Type built in 1938, chassis number ‘9331’.The car was restored and re-trimmed for its owner, who, in turn, donated samples of the original trim materials to the archive.


Jensen Museum | Materials Archive

1952 early Interceptor Hood & tourneau.

Materials Archive | Jensen Museum

1952 early Interceptor rear seat inflateables.









Other materials originating from earlier Jensen cars is a complete original convertible hood & tourneau from the 1952 built Jensen  Interceptor, chassis number 123235, along with a pair of the special pump up rear seat inflatables used on these cars.

We have some materials relating to Jensen 541 & CV8 (but would welcome the donation of further materials from these cars), including the remains of the carpet set from our Museum CV8 MK.II, chassis number 104/2200.

Materials Archive | Jensen Museum

Jensen P66 Coupe. Original section of carpet and seat material.


Jensen Museum | Materials ArchiveJensen Museum | Materials Archive








The Museum holds trim from various Interceptors and FFs, Healey & GT models, including some materials from Vignale manufactured cars. Highlights from this are:


1-Trim parts from Jensen FF 119/002


2-The entire original leather trim & carpet set from the last Jensen FF made, chassis number 130/328


3- Leather & cloth parts from various Jensen Interceptor & FF, Healey & GT,  in various colours


4-Carpet parts from various Jensen Interceptor & FF, Healey & GT, in various colours


5-Other miscellaneous materials, such as underlays, headlinings, boot sections.


6-Miscellaneous materials, such as rubbers used within the engine-bay and around the car.


Jensen Museum | Connolly Leather SamplesJensen Museum | Connolly Leather samples








7-Leather swatch provided by Connolly leather to Jensen Motors with examples from their Vaumol range.


Jensen Motors Headlining MaterialsJensen Motors Headlining Materials








8-Jensen Motors ‘Hood & Headlining Patterns’.


Materials Archive | Jensen Museum


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NOTE: We are keen to expand our Materials Archive holdings. It is the archive’s intention to hold original samples of all materials used to build Jensen cars (all Jensen models, all ages). This includes, all colours and types of leather, carpeting, carpet edging, floor underlay, head lining etc. This may be of considerable benefit in the future to those trying to restore Jensen cars to absolute originality. If you have any old original pieces of material left over after a re-trim then we would be grateful to hold them within our archive. If possible, we would like to know what particular chassis number the material part came from.

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