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A holding of original paint samples & paint information, as used on Jensen cars up to 1976. This holding includes original paint codes, and some reformulated paint codes. The holding contains a variety of paint swatch booklets made by Jensen Motors for use by themselves, and their distributors. The earliest Jensen paint swatch book in the collection dates from 1968.

Jensen Museum | Paint Swatches1968paintswatch2







This 1968 paint swatch booklet retains paint swatches for many of the metallic paints that were current at that time, such as crystal blue, california sage, metallic fawn.

Paint Archive | Jensen Museum











Other paint swatch booklets date from the 1970s onwards, including the ‘Interceptor II and FF II’ swatches, with classics such as mango, tangerine & pistachio.


Jensen Motors Paint SwatchesLaterpaintswatch3








Later paint swatch booklets had a clever interior design, with a clear acetate panel with the outline of a Jensen Interceptor. By placing the clear acetetate over a paint panel, one can get a feel for the car in that colour. These later paint swatch booklets had a new range of colours such as brienze blue, copper & mustard. It is interesting to note that not all swatches are the same, so identical covered paint swatches may contain different paint swatch cards. Presumably this was as a colour was added or deleted to the range.









The holding includes various metal sections from cars, either kept when cut out during restoration work, or removed from scrapped cars, which were still on their original paint. This holding also includes various rear-side wing vent panels retaining original paint.


Paint Archive | Jensen Museum











Lastly there is a holding of various modern paint swatches spectrographed from the original.


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NOTE: We are keen to expand our Paint Archive holdings. If you have any original paint swatch booklets, metalwork with original paint insitu, or other paint related information, then we would be grateful to hold them within our archive. 

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