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Jensen SP | Question Of Identity

The Museum holds a Register of Jensen SP cars, which is updated as and when new information comes available. We hold photographs of two Jensen SP cars which we do not know the relevant chassis numbers. If you can help identify the chassis numbers of the following two vehicles, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Indeed, we would be interested to hear from any current SP owners, so we can make sure our history of that car is up-to-date.


This Jensen SP was fire damaged, and transported to Jensen Parts & Service in 1984. Once at Jensen Parts & Service, they evaluated cost of repair for the insurance company. It is believed the car was written off for insurance purposes and later broken up. Do you know which car this is.


The burnt out engine-bay of the above Jensen SP.


This Jensen SP, registration ‘7 ETA’, is believed to have been photographed at the beginning of the 1980s. Possibly photographed at Cropredy Bridge Garage. The car had some accident damage to the front and back. Do you remember this car ?


Jensen SP ‘7 ETA’ photographed from the rear.


Jensen historian, Richard Calver draws his own conclusions about the identity of ‘7 ETA’,

“this car, a 131 series, looks to have its original tan vinyl roof. If that is the case, then this is one of just 16 cars. I wonder if it is 131/4694, or 131/4776. Neither car do I hold an up-to-date trace on.”


Jensen SP | Question Of Identity

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Richard Calver, Jensen Historian

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