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  • The Archive Explained

    Jensen Museum Archive | Archive Holdings

    Holdings overview. Ulric Woodhams, curator of The Jensen Museum, has been building, what is now, the Jensen Museum Archive since 1976. The Archive contains material relating to Jensen Motors, and to all models produced by Jensen Motors between 1934 and 1976. The archive also includes material specific to the Jensen name from post-1976. This includes […]

  • The Museum's Holding

    Jensen Museum | Paint Archive

    Paint Archive | Jensen Museum

    A holding of original paint samples & paint information, as used on Jensen cars up to 1976. This holding includes original paint codes, and some reformulated paint codes. The holding contains a variety of paint swatch booklets made by Jensen Motors for use by themselves, and their distributors. The earliest Jensen paint swatch book in […]

  • The Museum's holding

    Jensen Museum | Materials Archive

    Materials Archive | Jensen Museum

    The purpose of the Materials Archive is to hold examples of any materials used within the manufacture of Jensen cars between 1934 and 1976. This includes samples of, leather, carpeting, underlays, sound deadening, rubbers, vinyls etc. At a future point this archive of materials may prove to be the only surviving resource for replicating exactly […]

  • Archive Highlight

    Jensen Motors Sign 1950s

    Jensen Motors sign dating from the 1950s. The sign made from cut ply-wood of large dimensions, and hand-painted with the Jensen Motors logo. Size: 151cm x 45cm. The sign fitted with a thin wire to the reverse allowing for hanging. The sign is thought to have been made in-house by Jensen staff, and is believed […]

  • Archive Highlight

    Jensen Motors Publicity Plates

    A pair of Jensen Motors publicity plates, manufactured by the West Bromwich firm, Signarts Ltd. This style are known to have been in use between 1969 and 1976. The pair of Signarts plates held in the archive, remained with Jensen Parts & Service Ltd, after the demise of Jensen Motors in 1976. Later they were […]

  • Archive Highlight

    Jensen Ties

    Towards the end of the 1960s, Jensen Motors were on the top of their game. The Interceptor and FF range were the new must-haves by celebrities of the day, and order books were full. Jensen staff at Motor Shows and other events needed to look the part, so in came the corporate tie.  It was […]

  • Archive Highlight

    Jensen Museum | Jensen SP

    Jensen SP Parts From 131/4624

    Jensen SP rear vent section & chassis plate from 131/4624. The rear vent section remaining with its original factory painted colorado yellow.  The central cubby chassis data plate in as removed condition. Jensen SP 131/4624 with a specification of colorado yellow and black trim, left the factory in 1972. By the middle 1970s the car […]


    Jensen Interceptor Transportation Brackets

    A pair of metal Jensen Interceptor transportation brackets as removed from Jensen SP 131/4952. From what the Museum understands, these so-called transportation brackets were fitted temporarily to Interceptors / SPs. They were removed from the rear assembly of Jensen SP 131/4952 during mechanical renovation work in 2005, where they had been in place since the […]